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North Central College Fund (Annual Fund)
141% 184 Donorsfunded$184,328 Donated
North Central College Fund: Scholarships
107% 55 Donorsfunded$32,375 Donated
Shimer Great Books School (General Operations)
55% 19 Donorscampaign ended$4,950 Donated
African American Alumni Association Emergency Book Fund (AAAANCC)
31% 9 Donorscampaign ended$635 Donated
Center for Economic Education & Financial Literacy
17% 3 Donorscampaign ended$350 Donated
Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD)
144% 7 Donorsfunded$360 Donated
First Generation Programs (Cardinal First)
66% 21 Donorscampaign ended$1,990 Donated
Heidi Matthews Fanny Pack Club Fund for Athletic Training
32% 21 Donorscampaign ended$1,625 Donated
Librado and Anselma Apantenco Memorial Scholarship
76% 15 Donorscampaign ended$1,525 Donated
Men's Cross Country & Track and Field
107% 79 Donorsfunded$23,572 Donated
Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE) Honor Society
10% 2 Donorscampaign ended$50 Donated
Rev. Dr. Howard Mueller '58 Alumni Board Student Involvement Scholarship
60% 79 Donorscampaign ended$9,105 Donated
Rev. Nicholas Hood '46 African American Alumni Association Scholarship
144% 13 Donorsfunded$2,170 Donated
Shimer Civic Humanity Project (CHP)
3% 7 Donorscampaign ended$750 Donated
Shimer Great Books Scholarship Fund
157% 8 Donorsfunded$15,700 Donated
Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
5% 1 Donorscampaign ended$25 Donated
Women's Cross Country & Track and Field
55% 61 Donorscampaign ended$11,150 Donated
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Make your Day of Giving gift and automatically be entered into a raffle for fun NC prizes including access to alumni engagement events like the Cubs vs Orioles game, the Naperville Summer Ale Fest, and select fine art performances!

Join fellow members of the Cardinal family and ImpactNC with your gift - no matter the amount - on the 8th annual Day of Giving! You can support any academic department, athletic program, fine arts initiative, student organization, or the North Central College Fund, the area of greatest need. Together we can achieve our goal of raising $600,000 in support of our amazing students and dedicated faculty. Make your gift today and remember...it's a GREAT day to be a Cardinal!

If you would like to mail in your gift or have questions on how to make your gift online, please contact Jared Bogan M'10 at 630-637-5267 or Dana O'Donoghue at 630-637-5203. You may also contact the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement at 630-637-5200 or the Office of Institutional Advancement at 630-637-5213. Thank you!

Match Alert!

Double Your Impact with a Gift to the Student Persistence Fund!

The College has established a fund to support student persistence – a hardship fund, essentially. Dr. Kathy Birkett, Trustee, and Dr. Donna M. Carroll, Interim President, will personally match dollar for dollar gifts to the Persistence Fund, up to $20,000. Every dollar raised will help a student in financial distress; every active donor indicates confidence in the future of North Central College. 

24 days ago by Jared Bogan

A. North Central College Fund
North Central College Fund (Annual Fund)DonorsRaised ($)Goal ($)%
Friends of the Arts (FOA)23$3,8751200032.3%
Shimer Great Books School19$4,9504000012.4%
Student Persistence Fund107$35,78525000143.1%
North Central College Fund184$184,328130000141.8%
Parent and Families Fund0$0100000.0%
North Central College Fund Scholarships55$32,37530000107.9%
B. Cardinal Athletics
Cardinal AthleticsDonorsRaised ($)Goal ($)%
Women's Softball74$6,7401200056.2%
Dance Team17$1,205150080.3%
Men's Golf77$8,1601000081.6%
Women's Cross Country & Track and Field61$11,1502000055.8%
Heidi Matthews Fanny Pack Fund for Athletic Training21$1,625500032.5%
Men's Soccer90$8,9451500059.6%
Women's Basketball (Fast Break Club)19$2,245300074.8%
Men's Tennis20$1,195250047.8%
Men's Cross Country & Track and Field79$23,57222000107.1%
Women's Triathlon17$695150046.3%
Men's Basketball (Tip-off Club)22$1,995300066.5%
Women's Tennis19$950250038.0%
Women's Lacrosse (LAX)45$3,2203000107.3%
Men's Baseball (Dugout Club)53$23,9103000079.7%
Swimming & Diving19$1,455350041.6%
Athletic Department11$700100070.0%
Cheerleading Team7$325200016.3%
Women in Sports12$1,800250072.0%
Women's Bowling12$610300020.3%
Men's Volleyball32$2,490600041.5%
Men's Football (Quarterback Club)172$31,7304500070.5%
Sports Information5$125100012.5%
Women's Soccer320$53,9986250086.4%
Women's Wrestling123$13,06012500104.5%
Men's Lacrosse (LAX)238$18,4233000061.4%
Women's Golf64$5,345750071.3%
Men's Wrestling120$17,1352000085.7%
Women's Volleyball97$8,0352000040.2%
C. Academic Departments
Academic DepartmentsDonorsRaised ($)
WONC-FM Fund45$4,236
Music Department20$5,065
East Asian/Chinese Programs0$0
College of Arts & Sciences0$0
Physics Department0$0
Physical Therapy Department0$0
Accounting Department15$1,300
Leadership, Ethics & Values (LEV)2$100
French Department0$0
Social Entrepreneurship0$0
Neuroscience Department5$100
Speech Communication Department2$250
Athletic Training Education Program9$595
Engineering Department2$500
Actuarial Science Department11$660
English Department7$525
Philosophy Department0$0
Economics & Finance Department0$0
Gender & Women's Studies0$0
International Business Department0$0
Religious Studies Department0$0
Human Resource Management0$0
Theatre Department0$0
Athletic Trainer Program3$250
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management1$10
Modern & Classical Languages Department2$175
Graduate & Professional Studies0$0
Computer Science Department3$230
Sport Event & Facility Management0$0
Graphic Design0$0
Band (Concert Winds, Jazz, Symphony)1$25
Spanish Department1$10,000
Management & Marketing Department1$5
Education Department4$550
Psychology Department9$410
Biology Department5$325
Chinese Department0$0
Political Science Department2$25
Environmental Studies1$25
Art Department1$25
School of Business & Entrepreneurship1$100
Interdisciplinary Studies2$50
Vocal Jazz0$0
Chemistry Department5$1,700
Global Studies0$0
School of Education & Health Sciences0$0
German Department2$50
Health Sciences Department1$50
Math Department1$50
Sociology & Anthropology Department1$20
Interactive Media Studies (IMS)0$0
Exercise Science/Kinesiology Department2$100
Organizational Communication Department1$100
Occupational Therapy Department0$0
Broadcast Communication Department1$150
Urban & Suburban Studies0$0
History Department0$0
Japanese Department0$0
Physician Assistant Program0$0
Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MENA)0$0
D. Scholarships
ScholarshipsDonorsRaised ($)
Rev. Nicholas Hood ’46 African American Alumni Association Scholarship (AAAANCC)13$2,170
Grace M. Dudich Memorial Scholarship31$1,430
Librado and Anselma Apantenco Memorial Scholarship15$1,525
Rev Dr. Howard Mueller ’58 Alumni Board Student Involvement Scholarship78$9,105
Meiley Scholarship0$0
Dr. Andrew J. Adams Scholarship for Classics Studies 0$0
Megan Sweeney Scholarship0$0
Grace United Methodist Church Student Scholarship0$0
Nichole Hansen Memorial Scholarship3$225
Dr. Gary Ernst Entrepreneurship Scholarship1$250
Livia Grace Memorial Scholarship2$75
Craig Fischer Memorial Scholarship3$350
Class of 1959 Scholarship0$0
Class of 1964 Scholarship0$0
Samuel W. Hunt Jr. Memorial Scholarship0$0
Kevin Stahlman Memorial Scholarship2$25
Dr. Sara J. Eaton Scholarship1$50
Class of 1965 Scholarship2$500
Dr. Jacob Sackmann Endowed Scholarship for Peacemaking1$2,500
Judy G. Stevenson Scholarship0$0
Linda Gross Holmes Scholarship0$0
Russell Poel Memorial Scholarship1$500
Magnetrol Judy G. Stevenson Scholarship0$0
Dwight Lewis Legacy Scholarship Fund0$0
Irvin & Darlene Keeler Scholarship1$500
Mark A. Reid Scholarship2$50
Henninger Endowed Scholarship0$0
Thorne Family Scholarship2$50
Cleo Tanner Memorial Scholarship0$0
Stephanie Motzer Scholarship2$50
WONC Station Manager Scholarship1$50
Japanese Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Volunteers in Action Scholarship0$0
Carol Smith Family Endowed Scholarship2$1,000
Mironda K. Heston Scholarship7$275
International Student Scholarship0$0
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship0$0
S.L. Heeley Tax Prep Services Scholarship1$1,000
Undergraduate Engineering Research Scholarship0$0
Irene Flora Franzen Scholarship1$500
Shimer Great Books Scholarship Fund8$15,700
Shaun Wild Memorial Fund5$200
Dr. Anne T. Sherren Scholarship3$525
Vocal Performance Scholarship0$0
Eric Nicholson S'72 Memorial Lounge Fund0$0
Thomas Graham Memorial Scholarship0$0
Donald & Irene Pletcher Scholarship0$0
Alberto Buitrago Spanish Education Scholarship0$0
Naumann-Gamertsfelder Japanese Fund0$0
Margaret E. Youel Scholarship2$250
Class of 1951 Scholarship0$0
Class of 1968 Scholarship0$0
Lester Belding Memorial Scholarship0$0
Milton George Geil Scholarship0$0
Cowlishaw Lederman Scholarship0$0
Dr. Harold W. Henning Scholarship0$0
Shanower Family Scholarship Fund2$350
Dr. Scholl Cardinal 1st Scholarship0$0
Cheryl L. Smitter Scholarship0$0
Wu-Kan, Shien-Woo and Robert Kung Family Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Future Promise Teacher Scholarship0$0
Bjorklund/Rausch Organic Chemistry Research Endowment0$0
Shimer Great Books Montaigne Scholarship0$0
Class of 1955 Scholarship0$0
Paul Sutton Scholarship0$0
United Methodist Scholarship0$0
E. Clubs & Student Organizations
Clubs & Student OrganizationsDonorsRaised ($)
Forensics Team10$3,250
Intramurals/Rec Sports18$635
Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)0$0
Educators Rising (SLATE - Student Leaders Association of Teacher Educators)0$0
Psychology Club0$0
Black Student Association (BSA)19$495
Student Veterans Alliance2$50
Sonata Problem a Cappella2$55
Health & Exercise Association (HEXA)0$0
Students Lost in Pottery (SLIP)0$0
Student Human Resources Group (SHRG)0$0
NCC Outdoor Adventure Club0$0
Sigma Tau Delta0$0
Feminist Society0$0
Chamber Singers1$50
Rotaract Club1$50
Model UN0$0
Student Government Association (SGA)0$0
Catholic Cardinals (Catholic Student Association)1$5
NCC Swing Dance Society0$0
The Company0$0
American Marketing Association (AMA)0$0
NCC Singers0$0
Shimer Student Organization0$0
Muslim Student Association (MSA)0$0
Pre-Health Organization (PHO)0$0
Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS)0$0
International Club0$0
Math Club/Pi Mu Epsilon0$0
Hidden Opponent0$0
Fusión Española (Cardinal Hablo Espanol (CHE))0$0
Noctrl A Cappella0$0
Asian Student Konnection0$0
Cardinals in Action (CIA)0$0
Student Accounting Society (SAS)2$20
Sport x NC (Sports Management Association)0$0
Tri Beta Honor Society0$0
OUTreach (Gay Straight Alliance)4$160
Residence Hall Association (RHA)0$0
Enactus (SIFE - Students in Free Enterprise)2$100
Mock Trial2$25
North Central College Democrats1$50
Le Cercle Français (French Club)0$0
Latinx Student Association (LSA) (Raza Unida)0$0
Cardinal Dance Company (CDC)8$210
30 North Literary Magazine0$0
North Central College Republicans3$105
NCC eSports1$500
Concert Choir1$100
Cardinal Strong (formerly PHAME)0$0
Tonacity A Cappella3$200
The Society of Physics and Engineering Students (SPES)0$0
Neuroscience Club0$0
Voices of Praise Gospel Choir5$135
Food Allergy Dietary Restriction Association (FADRA)0$0
Breakaway (Service Trips)0$0
There's Something About Books0$0
Actuarial Science Club2$100
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)4$150
NCC Chess Club0$0
Cardinal Athletic Band3$225
German Club29$1,180
Weekend Programming Board (Formally CUAB)2$50
Psi Chi Honor Society0$0
Commuter Student Association0$0
Kappa Delta Pi0$0
One Note Stand0$0
Japan Club0$0
Circle K0$0
Drone Racing Fund0$0
Nerd Culture Club (NC^2)0$0
Sociology and Anthropology Club (SOA)0$0
Students for Social Innovation (SSI)0$0
Alpha Delta Delta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi0$0
Blue Key Honor Society0$0
WAVES (Women Aspiring Venturing and Evolving Science)0$0
Capture (Photography Club)0$0
The Kindling0$0
Southern Poverty Law Center on Campus (SPLC)0$0
Cardinal Athletic Training Students (CATS)0$0
Tous Ensemble Fund0$0
Multicultural Advisory Board0$0
New Visions0$0
Green Scene (NCC Green)0$0
F. Other NC Programs, Initiatives & Areas
Other NC Programs, Initiatives & AreasDonorsRaised ($)
First Generation Programs (Cardinal First)21$1,990
Cardinal Operation Hope & Help39$11,275
Maintenance Department0$0
Dyson Wellness Center1$25
Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy3$350
African American Alumni Association Emergency Book Fund (AAAANCC)9$635
Office of Marketing & Communication (OMC)0$0
Student Transfer Center7$385
Study Abroad Programs4$140
Center for Global Education2$50
Office of Student Involvement0$0
Self-Employment in the Arts (SEA)1$500
Office of Residence Life2$100
Sport Event & Facility Management0$0
College Scholars Program0$0
Emergency Book Aid0$0
Friends of the Clare & Lucy Oesterle Library (Books/Materials)5$350
Admissions Department1$1,000
Student Athlete Leadership Program1$100
Veterans Program5$350
Writing Center3$75
Dispute Resolution0$0
Dean of Students Office0$0
Center for Social Impact1$100
Office of Multicultural Affairs4$170
Chaplaincy & Faith in Action7$13,125
Office of the Registrar0$0
Information Technology Services (ITS)0$0
Office of Faith and Action (Ministry and Service)0$0
Coffee Lab Fund5$700
Minority Achievement Program0$0
Provost's Office Fund0$0
Office of Graduate & Professional Studies0$0
Shimer Civic Humanities Project7$750
Undergraduate Research1$50
Albright-Wesley Society4$200
Dr. Myron Wentz Science Center2$25,500
The Union0$0
Office of Sustainability1$25
Career Development (Career Center)1$20
Student Services Center0$0
Campus Safety0$0
Premier Program0$0
Center for Student Success0$0
Orientation Program (O-Staff)0$0
ACI Peer Mentoring Fund0$0
Koten Chapel0$0
Honors Program0$0
Leadership Development for Female Student Athletes0$0
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